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Hey ladies,

How are you all doing today? Good I hope? I’m having a child and puppy free day so I can FINALLY sit my bum down and get back to what I love - helping you lovely lot plan your perfect wedding! And - as the heading suggests -  and to hopefully save you a few quid too! (And who doesn’t love that?!)

Whenever you put the word ‘wedding’ into anything, you’ll probably have noticed that the price usually triples right?! It is sooo annoying!!! So, how can you avoid it and still get what you want? Easy! The first of my tips starts fairly close to the beginning of your wedding planning journey - and it’s something that not all of you will do, but it is becoming more popular and the principle can be applied to other things too. So, what am I talking about?! Save the Dates of course!

There are a HUGE number of amazing stationers out there - and I’m not trying to put anyone out of business here - but I know that budgets are tight and you might have to save where you can - I know that I did anyway! So ‘Save the Dates’ can be done in a much more affordable way.

You have three main money saving options:

Option 1, send a text or email - not very personal and if any of your older family members are as old school as mine, they might not appreciate - or even be able to receive - one of these.

Option 2 is make your own. Once you’ve chosen a colour scheme, mock up some cards and hand deliver the ones that you can and post the rest. Simple!

Option 3 is use a printing service but DON’T put the word wedding into the search column! Instead create a magnetic business card (that’e what I did!), a normal business card or a postcard. Choose a template or create your own from scratch. Get it on a longer delivery so there are no rush charges and again hand deliver the ones you can and post the ones you can’t. I literally saved hundreds of pounds doing this and everyone loved the magnets! There are of course other ways you could do them, these are just a few of my favourites and as I said, the same principle can be used for all of your stationary items - potentially saving you hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for more updates and money saving tips ladies!

Love always,

Jen x

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