An (im)perfect Proposal

Hey Ladies,

How are you all doing today? I’m loving getting to meet all of you new brides and hearing all of your fab proposal stories - definitely a perk of the job - and if I’m being honest, I do get a bit jealous sometimes! You have some very imaginative fiances! Anyway, it got me thinking about my proposals (yes there has been more than one Mr Jen haha!) So I thought I’d share mine with you… This is from an excerpt of a blog I wrote when I got engaged to HB1…

Imagine this. You’ve been with your other half for almost five years, put in every effort you can to make the whole thing work, and to convince yourself that it will happen, that you will, one day (soon hopefully), get that perfect proposal. And then you do. But not quite in the way you imagined.

I always thought I’d be swept off my feet, obviously it’d be done when I was fully made-up and dressed to kill with hair that looked almost air-brushed because it was so perfect, and nails that could rip a small mans head off because they were manicured to perfection?! I’d be serenely happy, have small animals running around after me, basking in the limelight of my deliriously good mood and no man in his right mind could resist such a woman! It’d be amazing! Perfect right? Wrong.

What I did not envisage, was that it would happen when I was coming out of the bathroom in my ‘Little Miss Naughty’ shorty pj’s with my hair all over the place, smudges of last nights mascara down my face, breath that could probably keep a vampire away from a thousand feet and being in the foulest, grumpiest, most insomniac induced strop you’ve ever seen! But it did! Haha!

Not exactly the proposal I hoped for and Michaels was also a bit of a cockup - but that’s another story! :-)  How were you proposed to ladies? Did your other half get the romance part down or were they as lacklustre in that department as this one was?! Tell me more!

Hope you’re all well ladies and I can’t wait to meet you soon and help you find the wedding dress of your dreams!

Lots of love as always,

Jen xx


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