Wedding Proposal - Part 2

Hey ladies,

How are you today? Someone reminded me that I’d promised to tell the story of how Michael proposed to me so here it is…

We were going to New York for New Year and were driving down to Heathrow to catch our flight when we decided to stop off at the services… Several snacks later we were back in the car and I made a comment about being upset that he didn’t think we’d get engaged in the next few years… next thing I know he pulls out a bag of Haribo rings and starts to say ‘well I was going to do this in…’ so I SCREAM ‘Noooooooo!’ He looks horrified, quickly puts the bag away and I’m left fumbling around telling him to forget all that and to just do whatever he was planning on doing whenever he was planning on doing it… panic, panic, panic!

Fast forward to New York, I was LITERALLY wired the entire time, every time we went somewhere nice or romantic, went to a theatre, restaurant, went on a CARRIAGE RIDE in Central Park for goodness sake… and nothing. New Years Eve and fireworks came and went… still nothing. So I was convinced he’d changed his mind so I was an absolute wreck, bawling like an idiot, barely slept all night, locked myself in the bathroom (there seems to be a theme here…) and when I eventually came out he’d gone! As in left a note on the bed saying ‘meet me on 34th Street’ and that was it…

Clearly the one thing Michael had not considered however was that 34th Street is HUGE!!! So even after I got there I walked for what felt like miles before I finally found him…

He pulled out a Haribo ring (another story!) and said that everyone had always told him it would be a miracle if he ever found anyone mad enough to marry him and that as Miracle on 34th Street was my favourite film, he thought this was the perfect place to ask me to marry him… obviously I bawled like a muppet and said yes - before complaining he’d tried to throw the rest of the bag away when we could have eaten them haha! He was right though, I am mad - but so is he so it’s perfect! :-)
Now come on ladies, I’m still waiting to hear about the rest of your proposals! I’ve told you mine! Haha!

Love always,

Jen x

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